Write to the Point, with Personality

Good writing should showcase the integrity and unique personality inherent in your business. Because prospects want to know more than your capabilities or product specs—they want to know you, and whether you are worthy of a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship. Whether you’re a local coffee shop or a multi-billion dollar global company, make the best first impression you can, and build on that impression to create loyal, engaged customers.

Words matter. Case in point.

When a growing online university hired me to help them better express their image, I analyzed their language and noticed repeated references to “online academic excellence.” While positive, I saw an opportunity to better highlight the integrity and quality of their academics. We eliminated all references to “online academic excellence,” instead using the phrase, “Academic excellence. Online.”

This subtle change moved them from just another online university among many mediocre competitors, to the field of real academics, that just happened to be available online. Not only did this better represent the level of academic rigor and quality of their programs, it told a bigger story of access to higher education for learners who wanted a valued degree but could only get it online.

A Few Favorite Projects

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